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Self harming

When I first had serious problems with my depression and anxiety, I went through a phase of scratching my wrists with sharp plastic, but could never draw blood from it. This past week I feel things have gotten so awful I've been cutting my arms with scissors, and this time very much wanting to draw blood and hurt myself. I want to know how I can feel like I'm doing something about turning my mental pain to physical pain, but without hurting or scarring myself. Any help is much appreciated because atm I can't even walk out of my house!

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Hi minion, sorry to hear you are feeling so low, have you been to doctors for help yet or on any meds?

You could try getting some ice cubes in a jug or bowl, grab a handful and squeeze it in your hand, think this hurts but wont do any damage, might help when you get the urge to self harm, hope your feeling better soon and try and get some help x

Love mimii x


I haven't been able to make an appointment with the doctor for a while, so my next one is 4th September, but I did talk to a doctor on the phone and he is taking me off Fluoxetine (which I have been on since February), and he said they should be working by now so he's putting me in something different (can't remember the name atm) so I'm looking forward to seeing how they go. Ice is actually a brilliant idea! Thank you so much Mimii xx


Hope new meds work for you, shame youve had to wait so long.

You could also try wearing an elastic band around your wrist , pull it then let go so it pings on your arm!

Mimii x


Hey minion sorry to hear to are struggling so much at the moment. How come its so long till you see your GP?

As someone that self harmed on the past it's been about 7 years since I last did it. I found when I first started to try and stop I would wear an elastic band around my wrist and when I got the urge I'd ping the band a few times. It stings but does no damag I found that helped me. Hope you feel better soon


Unfortunately they are all busy, and it's quite a small health centre. I am a bit annoyed it's not going to be for so long as I feel I'm worse than I have ever been, but I really hope these new meds work! Thank you, I am going to find an elastic band tomorrow and keep that in mind! Well done for getting through it all these years! X


Yeah I can see how that would be annoying having to wait that long. I'm sure you can get through this it's just finding the right thing that works for you. Good luck with the new meds


It's bad that your GP cannot have appointments saved for urgent appointments - including urgent emotional/mental problems. Your harm sounds very similar to mine. I didn't start until I was 58, but now it is a very infrequent thing. There are good websites, such as lifesigns.org.uk and the National Self-Harm Network.

The suggestions, particularly of the elastic band, are good.



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