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Nan's 80th birthday party tomorrow

A bit scary this one, don't like the social thing that much - and I think I better make an effort on the appearance, wish I managed to get a haircut...don't really like making an effort on the appearance - loves my jeans and trainers ;)

So scary, but strangely looking forward to it - I can hide in the car whenever it gets too hairy I guess, I don't see this segment of family too much...its a good 70 miles or so.

Think my nan has a good chance of reaching the century, so hopefully more chances in the future :)

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Yes I remember you nans BD coming up & now its nearly here

I hope you enjoy it & you have a plan if you need it (i hope you dont ) but still always think its good to have one , gives you that extra security

I hope you have a lovely time & tell us how it all went when you get back

You can do this :)





You will probably find that when you get there you are so busy catching up you don't have time to be anxious, good to have a plan B.

Hope you enjoy it



Thinking about you hope you are having a lovely day & nan is having a lovely Birthday to




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