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Birthday blues

Evening guys even though my situation is still somewhat unresolved I've been feeling fairly good since Sunday afternoon. I had a good day today, but since I got home from work this evening I've been gradually feeling worse. The knot is back in my stomach that and I'm feeling a bit tired and emotional. Not sure what brought this on I just think its a few things. I got my birthday coming up in a few weeks and the thought of spending it on my own. Well I won't be on my owner, but the one person I want to be here wont be so I feel like I'll be on my own. Got a few other problems at home which ain't helping so I think I've just got to try and keep positive, but I'm finding it hard tonight.

Anyway hope everyone is having a good week


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Willrich how old are you going to be on your birthday? Just take one day at a time. I have got back from work a bit crap myself.


30 eek. Hope your feeling better


Hi will,

I'm sorry she. Won't be with you but I'm sure she will be in touch. Try and rest and not worry too much. I hope you are eating and sleeping well as this will effect your mood. Listen to me sounding like yer mum lol, bet I'm old enough though :-) keep your chin up mate xxx


Yeah we've sort of arranged to talk late in the week as she's struggling a bit herself. I'm eating just not as much as I used to, but in do make sure I eat. Sleep is a bit erratic I've not slept through the night without waking up for a while. And I can't comment on your age :) I'm trying to keep it up. Hope your doing ok. X


Hi will

I think youre doing fine............. yeah youre gona be up and down for a while, but at least now you havent got that anxiety of what is going to happen............ You can take control of your life........... Its shit for a while missing someone, but it does get better................ Mine is going on 5 weeks now, and I do feel like ive taken a step forward,,,,, this possibly has to do with the fact that I took some control and told my ex not to text me,,,,,,,,,,,, he was still texting me saying he misses me and wishes I was there........ But he still doesnt want to believe me what his mother has done, made my life a misery and he wont contemplat moving here, even though he works away mon to fri, he still wants me to move there (to be on my own with his witch of mother!!!!???)

So honestly you will get better............... dont look too far down the road, just deal with that day and get through that.......... then the next day............

Dont think about your birthday till it comes, deal with it and then the next day............ Before you know it, you will be feeling a little better and you will start to feel yourself again and start to smile.............

Lots of Love Ker x


That's the thing things are still a bit up in the air. She has been in touch say she's struggling and she's thinking of me. I asked if she wanted to talk and she said she needs a few days to sort her head out. So I'm just waiting to hear from her again. I'd been dealing with it ok until tonight. Because I started making plans with friends for my birthday. How's your week going?


Thats crap Will and totally not fair on you.............. I think you have to be a little hard here......... She cant keep playing with your feelings.............

She either wants you or she doesnt........ If she cant decide she needs to leave you alone until she knows......... and you need to forge ahead with your life........... if she decides she wants you great, but dont go back to that horrible anxiety for 2 weeks........

I know it sounds harsh, but you have got to think of Your feelings and look after yourself, and sometimes you have to be cruel to be kind............ Confusion is the worse feeling ever........... Even if youre broken hearted at least you can grieve and move on........ Being left in confusion is crap and youre in limbo....... not fair........

Im doing ok thanks and feel like ive taken a step forward, but only cos ive told him to leave me alone, .........

Keep strong Hun, you'll be ok xx


Stop in the day Will , I no you no your Birthday is approaching , but who knows what could happen in the nest few weeks , who knows what tomorrow will even bring , try not to let your mind go in front , otherwise , it does send you in a spiral

I have every faith in you





Thanks your comments always make me smile and feel a little more positive. I am trying to keep my off the situation and I do manage it from time to time. I just think because I'm making plans to go for a meal with friends the weekend before my bday. It's stored things up a bit.

How's you anyway? x


How am I :-D round the twist I think ;-) Took one statin tablet , already I think I cant breath , side effects on just one med ...anxiety really but try telling my head that

You get out on your Birthday & paint the town Red (that's what we used to say )



I'll do my best. Althought me a drink might result in dome shrunken emotional phone calls might have to get someone to confiscate my phone lol.


was just going to say leave your phone at home lol

I will tell my head you said it has to behave ...not that it might listen , it has a mind all of its own :-D but I will give it a go



I'm sure your not round the twist :D Sending you positive thoughts and tell your head I said behave itself :D


Hi Will

Got some good advice from Whywhy and Anne. One day at a time. Try not to look too forward. Sure make plans with friends for your birthday. I didnt for mine..............hoping he would turn up. Disappointed, so if it comes to again will make sure i get out. Dont let her make you be at her beck and call. (rich coming from me). Think about yourself, as you focus on her having a bad day, is less time you are spending on yourself and get you sorted. There is a fine line to find. Its taken me 8 months to get there. Dont make it so long. x


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