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I've a new kitty

Ok as the sTory goes. My mate foned me in floods of tears saying her daughter had shut a five wk old kitty in the door. 'Wen I round round to her boyfriends she was sitting there with this little kitty in a blanket crying. Her ear was bleeding and she was unconous (how ever u spell it) I said to her the kitty was just like my kitty ruby wen that happened to her. Anyway I told her to take it to the vets. I went to c the other 8 kittens. There was no food or water down so I stud there untill they put food and water down. I cud understand if they ate there food but where was the water or milk or both. I am a big animal lover. I aways have fresh water down for my cays and dogs. Anyway I sent a pic to the other half and he was like u've gotta have that one. Anyway I went to fetch him tonight. Brought him back and he's got fleas. So I've got sum cat flea stuff from the vets in the cupboard. So i put abit of one on him not to much but I cudnt just leave him with fleas on him. So I've made him a bed out a cardboard box put food water and some milk in and left him in the kitchen the nite. I've now put flea stuff on the other six cats and my two dogs. The stuff u put on the back of there neck. My OH usually does it but becauwe hes not her I've d to do it mself. U wudnt believe how many times I've washed my hands lol it wasn't eBen on m hands I will have to pos a pic lol xxx

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O donna

You softy ;)

Be careful you will end up like Cookie :D

I hope it gives you much pleasure & its a very lucky kitten finding a home with you :)





I love cats, dogs to but can't cope with more then two dogs where's as cats they just do there own thing. Actually saying that I've gotat call my smokey in haven't seen her all day and she only comes in wen she hears me call her xxx




Hi you are definately an animal lover :)

I am sure you will enjoy the new addition.

Lucky kitten that she has a new home with an owner that can care and look after her.

Best wishes


Love Seyi xxx


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