Feeling really anxious tonight

Been fine all day come tea time felt anxiety creeping up on me. Now I'm sitting here watching a film and I've adrenlin, and a funny feeling that anxiety brings. Wen u don't suffer anxiety and u only get anxious wen u need to it then it don't last long and u don't think nuthing of it. Someone who my sister used to work with messaged me last year on fb as her mom told her about me (her mom does my nans hair) she messaged me as she suffered it yrs and yrs. She said she went to councillor a few yrs back. The councillor had said which always as stuck in my mind wen I feel anxious. With sum one who doesn't suffer anxiety there cup is half full so there as they get anxious when need be and then it goes. Where as with us that suffer it our cups over flowing and there for we feel anxious wen we don't need to. So that's why we feel adrenlin and fear a lot. I know wat I mean lol but may not of come out the way it supposed to. I do babble when Im anxious think its away of taking my mind off it.

Even thou I felt anxious I walked to the youth club to meet my son as they went to lazer quest and didn't get back till half nine. I walked the dog with me as I didn't want him walking past the shops on his own as there's usually loads of teenagers about at night. I didn't let how I feel stop me which I c as a positive thing. I did read in a book about anxiety that wen u have a broken leg u don't let it get to u cuz u know it will heal with rest. So there for u rest it and give it time to heal. With anxiety its a tired mind that needs to rest, but we never give it time to rest as we worry all the time which brings on the anxiety. Anxiety is there for the minds ways to say its tired and needs rest. I'm going to stop babbling now lol :-)xxx


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4 Replies

  • Evening donna

    Sorry you are not feeling so good hun

    My anxiety is trying to play tricks on me as well, have yet another sinus infection , these are on going so my head has started to over time , as you say my cup must be over flowing as well tonight

    You are doing well , have you took your meds ?

    Well done for going out as well




  • Donna you must be psychic, I was just thinking about you, wondering how you're doing & if you're still taking your meds (you've been doing so well! ).

    I know exactly what you mean about the overflowing cup & adrenaline. It's a flipping pain in the backside isn't it? Hope you manage to unwind & enjoy your film

    Take care


  • Hello I wasn't sure if this had posted as my fone went off as it sent :-) I have been good and took my medication I think its the 5th nite in a row and still fear but I'm still sticking with it lol my anxiety as been up and down all wk, it needs to bore off :-) I'm trying my hardest to just let it be but wen u got sum of the symptoms to go with it it meks u think it sumthing more. Silly anxiety always playing tricks. Xxx

  • You took your medication again??, YAAAAAAAYYYY

    Really glad you replied Donna, I think you're doing so well. To do anything when you're afraid is really brave.

    Yep, anxiety does like to keep us on our toes.

    Hope you sleep well


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