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Not a great day :-( Looks like we're all feeling it today :-(

Hi everyone,

Just had to come home from work because I was starting to feel lightheaded like I was going to faint, heart beating fast, shaking, unable to concentrate, tingly neck, arms and face and weak legs. Is this anxiety or something more? sometimes I can't depict the two which makes me worse. Just told my boss I had to go because I felt sick. they don't know that I have anxiety as it's a new job.

Just came home trying to eat something then will have to go back to bed. I haven't slept much this last couple of nights, so I'm trying to tell myself it's just because I'm tired but I get so worked up that I'm going to faint that that overrides my logic. And because of my fear of choking I haven't been eating well so that probably doesn't help with everything, AAH please help.

Hope everyone else is doing better.


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Hi Unsure

Think you title says it all , a few of us are feeling a little worse for wear today

I do think though , lack of sleep can & does bring all this on & are you not eating well , I no when I havnt eaten , I go all shaky , feel like I am passing out & having a panic attack

If you can manage to get some rest , I think this will calm down & you will feel better later





That's your blood sugar dropping why why, you need to eat something slow release, ham is good for that. This is because if you have a sugar hit you get an instant high and then another drop xxxxx


I no Winter , I do now , I think as some have said they dont eat well , when they are anxious , this may be what some are doing & it does feel like a panic attack when it drops :o

I will keep eating ham , I actually do like it , so that wont be a problem ;)



Unsure, it's very hard work trying to conceal your anxiety. I have felt much better when people know. Although I understand about it being a new job I would do exactly the same. Do you feel better now you've come home? Try to have a milky drink or a hot chocolate I find that's a good way to get some calories in me if I'm feeling all food is out to get me



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