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Relaxing at last :-)

Got up done housework, relaxed.. Then walked to pound stretcher with my mate's 5 yr old daughter. Then went food shopping. My mate made a curry (mouthonfirestill.com) then just cleaned house again and hovered my bed and bedroom again, no sign of mr spider lol

Other then that been a relaxing day. Did have to put my mate's daughter on the naughty step 3 tTimes and the last time yelled at her. I want some chocolate, ur tea will be ready in half hour so after ur tea u can have some. I want some now so I'm having some now. Scream at me and shout at me so naughty step. Then she carried on so I yelled at her and since them she's been good.. I wont put up with it off my own thou nor other people's. I was ready to scream. Other then that it's time to relax have a fag and a cuppa and chillaxxxxx xxx

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Had to smile , not a very busy day :o

Hate to think what you do on a busy day :D

Best be careful though not to upset you , I dont want to go on the naught step :D

I am with you though I love kids , but they have to be good & I do believe if you start from an early age , they learn quick ;)

Glad Mr Spider seems to have gone , I am sure he will have

You relax now , you deserve it & I would sleep in that bedroom tonight , I am sure it will be ok :)




PS have you noticed I have my faces back :D


I love all the faces but I can only do :-) :-( ;-) lol on a busy day I scrub all inside my cupboards, iron and clean all wood work and doors xxx


Thanks for showing me the faces you can do :D

Donna , right , I started all this OCD young , its ended up getting worse & worse , till now it chains me to the house

I thought I could deal with it & had it all under control , then I realized , it had me under control

Now its so bad , its the first thing they have to work on me with before they even touch the rest :o

I am just saying this because I care , be careful , please , I would hate you to end up been a prisoner like me :(



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