not perfect but a bit better

good evening to everyone, the storms were here last night as well, didn't get much sleep due to that and the heat. Today I got up not feeling to good, with the normal anxiety stuff, but I had a drink in a different place (up the back of the garden on a sunbed) Instead of the sofa, for a change , I then got in my car with my daughter and we went to a local café that is in the grounds of a garden nursery, we sat outside under a canopy with a nice hot chocolate with the bits on top. I then took my daughter to Tesco, I wasent good there ( I waited in the car ) I no naughty, i should have tried to go in, but didn't, anyway then we went for a drive around some villages , then went back to the café at 1400 and had sarnie and drink, then home.

And that has been my day, I hope you all have had a good day. whywhy i hope your belly is better , it may be the heat.





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3 Replies

  • Hi Bonnie

    Wow thats an improvement , good for you & well done!

    Praise yourself for all the positives you have done & dont focus on the one negative lol

    Did you get your honey ?lol

    That made me laugh "belly " well yes that is a lot better , but feeling sick now :(

    Well done you




  • Yes she got that for me when she was in Tesco today, I feel sick aswell, tonight, the heat has some to do with it i think, Yes i am on the positives of the day, the fact that i have felt unwell, does not seem to matter as much, as i got positives out of today, and will dream about them, lol




  • Think it is the heat Bonnie making us feel sick , I no I have now for 3 days

    I think we might get some cooler weather over the next 3 days well I hope so

    From been in bed yesterday , to doing what you have today , you should feel proud

    You dream about it :)

    Hope you have a good night


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