2nd storm in wolves

We r now on our 2nd storm, it did move on but ova the last few hours as either came bback for round two or its another storm passing thou. The worst thing is I've gotta go out. I'm taking my mate's lad to the fracture clinic up the hos. As she and her hubby am at work and they didn't have any other appointments. She's dropping us off on the way to work which is a blessing. I hate being out doors in thunder and lightening it scares me lol I've got things to do thou, as I've gotta go pay my rent as well which is in walking distance from the hos. Then pick my mate's little girl up, then I can come back home and clean. Also my mate from Milton Keynes may be down later for the week xxx

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  • It looks like a very busy day. I don't get any storms over here, where do you live?

  • I'm in Wolverhampton where do u live? Xc

  • Morning Donna , same here , just had a massive clap of thunder & then lightening , made me flipping jump & I have to be honest , but I dont like thunder & lighting :o

    Hope you are ok hun


  • London, just hot over here.

  • I'm ok Sat on the fracture clinic with my mate's son. Felt really anxious wen I first got up but it's past hopefully for the day. I'm dreading going back outside as its ment to be on for the day xxx

  • We are in the middle of a storm, I love thunder and lightening, I love the feeling of being tucked up at home.

    On the news this morning 2 houses and a car are on fire due to lightening, they are about 2 miles away from me. It happening about 6 this morning! I just hope everyone is ok.

  • Morrning Donna I hate thunderstorms too the were going from about 2am to 8am this morning proper scares me as I woke up to a flash and massive bang of thunder then took me ages to drift again luckily no more storms ATM. I'm down in Huntingdon got lots what about u rube solo? Hope your ok Donna. Xx

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