Why does anxiety hit me at night

Hello everyone

I suffer with aniexty but had a good couple of days, now suddenly got into bed and felt like something bad was going to happen, started shaking, and been for a wee a lot. I have been to doctors and she gave me meds but i too scared to take them. I do heavy breathing listening to music, but it doesn't seem to move it :(! I just feel like I'm getting no where and it seems to happen at night time!

If anyone has sone advice it would be lovely.


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  • Hi Amiz

    I think night time can be worse for alot who suffer with anxiety

    In the day there are things to keep us occupied , where night time is dark & quite & where others switch of & sleep , this can be when anxiety sufferers switch on & start feeling panic

    I always wait till I am really tired , before I attempt to go to bed

    Do you read , that has helped me , I have read till my eyes cant keep open

    I understand your med fear I have the same fear

    Maybe though what they have given you might help

    Have you thought about trying them , just a day at a time , to help limit the fear

    So each day , you could say I will take one today , but if I dont want to , I wont take one tomorrow , if I think like this , it makes me feel in control , its when I feel I am not in control , I can get more anxious

    Keep talking on here & no you are not alone

    I hope you get to sleep soon




  • I think we all feel more anxious at night. During the day you are more likely to be occupied so taking your mind off your symptoms. I try reading before I go to bed and don't go until I am really tired. Good luck and look after yourself.

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