Just got back from doctors regarding citalopram and lump on my jaw line/

I have been taking citalopram now for 5 and half weeks I started at 10mg for a month then 20mg up to the 5 and half weeks. I went into docs this afternoon very near the floor, also unreality feeling was very strong, Doc said well they seem to not be working so you can try venlafaxine 37.5 in the morning and again at night. I said so when do I start? I need to tamper off citalopram first and can you tell me how I go about that, she said no it does not matter just start venlafaxine tonight, I said but they are not from the same family, she still said just drop citalopram just like that, I also showed her the lump on my jaw line, she said gum infection or cyst , they gave me antibiotics for this over the phone yesterday , but as I was there I thought I would show her. I feel very ill today anxiety is awful. Whywhy please don't worry about that if you can.




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  • Hi Bonnie

    I have been trying to chase you round here today , on mine & then finding yours lol but found you !

    Yes I do no even though I dont take them , but with these meds they do say just stop one & start the other , infact with blood pressure tablets & others they say the same , so look at me saying try not to worry , but this is what they tell everyone to do & I hope these will work for you

    O dear sorry you have a cyst as well , at first she told me just to go back if it changed any , but after I started flapping & getting anxious , thats when she said she would refer me , may be she thought that would be the better option than me turning up every week

    So maybe do as mine says & as long as it does not get any worse , leave it & be like me & resist touching ;-)

    Hope you feel better in a few days when fingers crossed new meds will work

    Thank you for your comments on my post




  • Thank you whywhy, we will both resist touching. My lump is on my jaw line on the right side of my face, just over a little from my chin, but I am more worried bout he meds change as they are not from the same family, But gonna do anyway, In fact I was not impressed with the doc, as I more a less crawled in there feeling so ill. And forgot to ask to be reffered for counselling . Hope you are a bit better now.

    Sending you loads of hugs and love.



  • Yes Bonnie , keep fingers of , its tempting though but we musnt

    I no you will fear the change , they do this though & it must be ok , because I no that what they tell everyone to do

    I no my doc started nice & then went a bit ratty , maybe me & the heat didnt mix well for he & I am waiting to see a phycologist & asked as I have been waiting 6 months & we only have the one , so it will be at least another 6 months , so if you remember to ask next time you go at the rate mine are moving you will get seen before me lol

    Try not to over think the meds thing , I no its easier said than done , but remember you are not alone


  • Thank you whywhy.

    {{{{{{{{{{{ Hugs}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}

    Lots of love



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