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Festival time... big test!

Today I leave to go to my first ever festival with my boyfriend, and his sister and her boyfriend. I'm feeling a mixture of apprehension, nerves, excitement and fear... I've been looking forward to this day for so long, and I suppose part of the reason why I'm all nervy is totally normal- 1st time, what will sleeping be like, so many people, hope I don't lose anything etc- but I'm also terrified of getting 'bad' at some point and not being able to fix it easily, given the circumstances of the situation. Trying to give myself a little pep talk of "if you start feeling those feelings, JUST TRY TO IGNORE THEM! Enjoy yourself and have an amazing time!"... which we all know is easier said than done, right :/

Will give an update on here when I'm back from it next week (obviously after a veeeeery long hot shower and a nice meal!). Wish me luck guys... xxx

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I used to love festivals many years ago. Great place to let the inhibitions go and have a blimmin' good time.Go and enjoy and leave all those anxieties and worries at home. Think positively and you will be fine. Have a great time.xx


Hi Jeffju :)

Thank you for your post, I did end up having a really great first festival experience and came home feeling absolutely knackered but quite proud of myself. There were a couple of times where I started feeling bad, but after a bit it started to get better (probably because there was so much to do and distract me from how I was feeling). So overall, not too bad :) xxx


Well done you. We all have our 'moments' BUT you DID IT and what a great time you had. Big oat on the back and new found confidence I hope. XXX


Thank you very much Jeffju, I'm glad that I can look back and remember it as a positive experience! :D xxx


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