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Finally feel like I'm getting there

Hi everyone I'm still really trying to get used to this site. I am using my fone as my sister in law as lent my laptop.

Really have had a lovely wkend. We had a bbq and a bouncy castle on Sunday which turned out I really did enjoy. I really wanted a pint to b honest but didn't. Even thou I heard u can still have a drink wen ur on anti depressants. Which I'm actually getting better with after months of suffering with anxiety towards.

I feel that I've really come along way with my anxiety, that I'm finally getting thou it. I'm not saying I still don't have it as there's day's wen I really feel like I'm back at square one with it. Recovery takes time I've learned that much but there's no quick fix as if there was we all wudnt be here wud we. Mths back if sumone had asked me if u ever recover from it fully I wud of said no but now I wud say yes. I think we can fully get over it but it takes a long time. As I say I've been like this well over a year but finally feel like I'm getting there slowly but surely. Xxx

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Dear Donna,

Reading you for the first time, I guess...still, so nice to read these good news from you, I can see myself in some of your words :) the past weeks I've been in a "down" moment, those in which I question if it is possible to really get at the same time you're giving me, thanks, and hope everything keeps getting better with you! xxx


Hello Anne I'm glad I'm giving u hope :-) I've always questioned if we ever get better, mainly wen I'm on a downer and the anxiety is with. It's easy for us to think we will always feel this way thou anxiety. I've known a few of my familying members that have said I suffered with it for myths even years but haveby had in for yrs now. Which as given me hope. Xxx


Havent had it for yrs.


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