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Well, yesterday just got worse

After the panic attack yesterday. I was really tired and didn't want to think. My ever so supportive husband said we needed to go and get some gravel for the garden. I didn't want to go, I do suffer with agoraphobia. So I kept saying I don't want to go, he just kept saying you are going. I got in the car, got to the end of the road (100 yds) and said I really don't want to go, he then shouted at me to shut up there was some swear words in there to. I got out of the car and went home. He since then refused to speak to me. The fuse went in my daughters bedroom and the Internet went down he refused to help so I sorted the fuse and have sorted the Internet this morning!

On a positive note, this morning I have my first telephone session with my counsellor.


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Hi Winter

Sending you some hugs I think you need them

I really dont no how you cope , dealing with this & the way your husband seems to treat you , just to read is so upsetting & I am not having to live with it , this cant be helping you much & thank goodness you have your first telephone counselling today & dont hold back , tell all

I dont no what more to say , well to be honest from how your hubby goes of there is alot I could say , but that is not my place to do so

I will say though we care , so keep talking & well done you sorting that fuse out



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