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Help getting to sleep

Now I know today's feelings have been mostly self inflicted but I've had to suffer and think I'm going to die all day so I think I've paid my dues....it now bed time and I'm dying to sleep but my body is saying "noooooooo I'm not finished with you yet" so I'm full of adrenaline and heart palps.

I just want to sleeeeeeeeep :-(

What do any of you do to try and get to sleep?


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Hi Ashley I get this some nights when I want to sleep, I just laydown in bed with earphones on and a relaxation CD in my laptop and I concentrate on the music and/or words being said. Its also worth remembering that the body will only release a certain amount of adrenalin before it will subside , its only if we get worked up more about it that it will keep going as we are then adding fear to the fear, as that is what the anxiety symptoms are, they are symptoms of fear. I have just got Dr Claire Weeks book and I must say it is worth a read.




Hi Bonnie.

I have read Claire Weekes book and it did hell me for a number of weeks but after I started experiencing chest pain and what not she didn't mention that in her book so I convinced myself that I was different lol. Silly I know.

Bed time used to be my favour time and I loved lying in bed watching TV and falling asleep, it's now my worst time of the day. :-(

But I shall try the relaxation thing you suggested



Hi Ashley , yes it was a little self inflicted , but you had a good time

I have just seen you post & i have just finished ironing at this time , so that should be enough I hope to help me sleep

I always wait till I am really tired , I never go to bed before I am , other than if I want to read a book , because I can drop of reading

Hope you are asleep ;-)





Hi whywhy.

I ended up sleeping on the floor of my mums room, didnt want to be myself and felt more comforted with her being there lol, 27 and I still need my mother but I suppose I'm lucky to have her there.



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