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a while ago someone post about grants and help for holidays

i need to go away and i have 2 daughters and a husband that is also my carer together

with my oldest one

im disable and on benefits so going on holidays is a luxury for me and financial impossible

but my depression is getting worst day by day and several people told me that i should get away for a while

does anyone knows about any cheap holidays or financial help out there

many thanks

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I do no years ago there was help for people in your circumstances , now as everything has changed so much I am not so sure , someone might see this though & no

I wouldn't advise any one to google health problems , but you could ask the question on google it may throw up some answers

The only other thing I no of is the Sun newspaper , always have the offers on on Holidays , you get a coupon each day when you buy a paper & you collect so many & then I think based on 4 people sharing , its somewhere like £40 , for so many days & lots of places to choose from as well

I no several people that take this offer every year & always say how good it is :-)

Hope someone else might have a better answer & if you do get to go away let us no :-)





don't know if this might help.


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