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Bad night

Hi all, I had the worstest night I've had in a long time. My anxiety was high and I was crying. My OH is very supportive wen I'm like that even thou he don't know how it is. I don't get it very often anymore......touch wood. I did add fear to but after a while with the support of my partner I just rolled with it. I keep telling him the best thing to do with anxiety is to roll with it. I woke up with a head ache so I've had a pain killer. Think cuz of hoe hot it was it started ity off but I do love the got weather. Hope it all ok xxx

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Hot weather


The heat makes you wake up then panic ughhhhhhhh ditto


Me too.

I hate the bright sunny weather as my anxiety is sky high. As soon as it cools down and clouds over I feel so much more relaxed.


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