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Feeling anxious

I don't know y but I am feeling anxious and have got sum of the symtoms like the tingling, abit of an headache. I am really trying to just roll with it and let it be. I'm trying to except these sensations for Wat they r...anxiety! It's easy to say just except them but wen faced with them its like I've gotta keep trying to except them if u can understand that lol

It's been a lovely day and up to now I've been fine. I prepared all the dinner while the OH went on a bike ride with his brother in law. Then his brother and girlfriend came for dinner with the two little ones. Was lovely sitting in the garden chatting away. I'm going to have a bath and about nine oclock take my anti de. I've booked and holiday down burngam on sea, an haven site. I love it down there. Not till October cuz of my eldest starting senier school September. We've all got sumthing to look forward to xxx

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I don't think we no sometimes what brings on how we feel

Sounds like you have had a lovely day though & great news that you have booked a holiday

I hope you are feeling a bit better now :-)





I had a rubbish nights sleep and ended up in tears. Headache so looks like a pain killer which I hate but i will make me head better xxx


Sorry donaf

This heat isn't helping any though , I no we wanted some summer , but this what we are having is extreme

It isn't going to help anyone sleep , especially if they are struggling already & when you have a headache again the heat doesn't help

I no your fear of meds , but the painkiller should help & hope by the end if the day you are feeling better , don't go in the sun to much while you have headache , well I always find it makes mine worse if I do



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