Can someone please help

I've recently had a pregnancy scare with my boyfriend. The condom broke so I decided to get the morning after pill the next day. I took it and I got my period the day after I was suppose to have it, now my boyfriend said I can still be pregnant and because his ex had her period while she was preganat. Now I'm off of my period and I'm afraid I may be pregnant. I researched and researched about the pill and it's effectiveness for weeks! Now I'm afraid that I might be pregnant. Idk if it's health anxiety or just me being in denial but I'm having like one of the biggest anxiety episodes. It's to early for me to take a test so that doesn't help anxiety either.


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  • No doubt your anxiety wont be helping

    I doubt very much from what you say you will be pregnant , but I would send the Boyfriend to Tesco or other supermarkets , buy a pregnancy test & that should put your mind at ease

    They were reliable for me the tests you buy , I have had 3 kids & all 3 tests I bought said positive when I was , so I trust in them

    Other than that you could ask your GP , but I doubt it very much that you will be

    Let us no how you go on




  • Thank you for responding. I really appreciate it. I hate this anxiety.

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