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Hi all,

I am new here and hope to post regularly.

I have had terrible anxiety for over 17 years for which I have only recently started getting council lying for to find the root cause of it, which I found has helped lots and stems from childhood.

I just want to not feel alone in this... I will describe what I feel and see if you can't relate.

Going out I am rather anxious especially traveling to London I am constantly on alert ... I guess I am always assessing the situation amid thinking someone might start something, this causes me to not enjoy Moy day out rather just have bad headaches and just cannot relax...never on the underground I am thinking don't make eye contact... Or remember to sanitise as the discussing germs on the poles on the trains make me feel like I must sanitise.

That's just one situation.... Others could be at work say a manager meeting I cannot express what is in my mind and then only after a meeting I feel angry and then out it in an email or hide behind something.

If something does happen outside or someone is starting something not even directed at me I feel a sense of dread I suffer heart palpitations, sweats and just want to curl up into a ball.

Even eye contact with a stranger is not great in feel in the central of my chest that swelling feeling of the anxiety...scared and just angry at myself for feeling like this. A viscous circle.

When someone is directed at me I will try to talk my way out of the situation or just have terrible palpitations etc I feel like I may die feeling... I have to cough to take my mind off my heart etc.

Anyone similar?



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Hi Dan & welcome

I can relate to how you feel & think just about everyone on here will to

You are not alone , even though I no you may feel like it

It is good you have had some counselling & this is a great start , as can help us so much dealing with as you say where these feelings have come from , which in a lot of us starts from childhood

Keep talking on here , great people , who no just where you are coming from





Welcome to the site. :)


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