Terrible anxiety

was in car accident about four weeks ago and my anxiety about driving anywhere has come back with a vengeance the fear is so bad i have to take sleeping tabs just to get some sleep so i can go to work. problem is i work in construction so have to travel to different places. The accident wasn't even my fault some idiot ran in the back of me while i was at the lights.


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  • Hi drews

    Sorry to hear this & I can only imagine it leaving you feeling the way you do

    Have you friends & family as well as on here you could talk to about how this has left you feeling

    I hope someone who maybe able to relate , will pop on later & give you a better answer , but just to let you no your blog had been read




  • Thanks whywhy i appreciate your response i am new to here so am glad that people have responded its great to see u back i always read your blogs.



  • Thank you drews

    I think its a bit quite at the moment , but I no people will be reading them

    Welcome anyway & keep talking , it does go slow sometimes & then all of a sudden everyone comes on , but please keep talking


  • Hi Drews. Sorry to hear that the accident has got your anxiety levels rising. I think we've all got so used to people being in car accidents that, unless there are obvious physical injuries, we assume there is no injury. But that's not true - any kind of accident can leave a profound shock to the system which takes time to go. I think of it as being like a bad bruise which really hurts at first, then spreads and changes colour and then fades away. So just give it some time and the shock will subside.

    Love, Joella

  • You know Drew, 4 weeks is such a short time ago, so give yourself time to come to terms with the accident first. The after effects of something like this happen days or weeks afterwards. Don't kick yourself, give it time, you'll get there.

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