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What happened there, halfway through my first blog and it disappeared and took me back to my home page! Anyone else experience this/

Right second try, thankyou to all who have replied so far, it is nice to know I am not alone, although obviously would not wish this on anyone. I have had this problem for over 35 years and had every therapy going to no avail.

I would be interested if anyone has heard of any "life after death" experiences as my greatest fear is of not existing.

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I have a great interest in the supernatural and life after death etc. and have many accounts in books of survival.

Even if you dismissed 99.9% of them as rubbish there'd still be plenty of very strange and unexplained happenings which could only be put down to assistance from beyond the grave.

I've had a couple of weird things happen to myself as well which makes me think there is more to it than our allotted three score and ten.


I was really interested to see your reply Bramwell. I have been to many mediums over the years but came to the conclusion they were fake. Some of them were quite famous but you could tell they were asking questions that led to the sitter giving the answers! I would be very pleased to hear your experiences if you feel like sharing,


It's too long to tell much but in a nutshell my nan who lived with us, died at home when I was 11 in 1969.

She, like me had a great interest in the supernatural (and strangely enough was a hypochondriac like me) and said if there was any way she could come back from the grave to prove she was still around she would.

Within a month of her passing we started getting raps on the walls at night and things in her bedroom were moved around, plus draws opened and her wardrobe doors would be found unlatched and open. We're a tidy household so it would be very unusual to leave so many draws etc open - not that we'd need to go in them anyway.

Also important and regularly used item like spectacles and favoured pens would disappear from their regular place never to be seen again.

This went on for about six months and then suddenly stopped.

We all agreed my nan had made her point that she was very much still with us!

I've had plenty of other weird things happen but that, to me, is the strongest proof to me personally of survival.


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