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help with counsellor

I think im about to be thrown off the list, I am always late, this is a serious problem for me and also wen I become so depressed I will fall asleep, its like my body is saying, this is just to much to cope with sleep on it for a while. Last week my therapist said if I was late 1 more time she is sorry but I wont be able to come back, yesterday I fell asleep as id had a horrendous week and I all I wanted to do was die, well I was ready etc and just sat down as I felt giddy next thing I awoke, it was half an hr into my session, I txted the therapist but she didn't get back to me, can they throw me off the list

many thanx

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Sounds like your therapist does not understand you I had a guy and I felt very uncomfortable talking to him so gave up in the end and presented to be better. It did help but he was not right for me sounds like you may have the same issue x


hia, thank you for input.

it feels like nobody understands me and never will.

I had a psychologist about 7 yrs ago, I was always late then and I tried to explain to him that I had problem with going out alone, he discharged me.

in 2008 my whole network of support discharged me.

I have this counsellor now, she is for all the people in the county that cannot access help. If she goes I have no one.

Things with me are so bad anxity wise I will not go into my back garden as it is overlooked, also last Monday it was decided that my IB would cease from next wed, and I would have to apply for jSA, then Saturday I had a letter from IS saying that they could no longer pay towards the interest on my mortgage, what it is I receive or received IN and an amount was taken out of that IS and paid into my mortgage, but I don't get housing benefit because I have a mortgage, but now ive lost my IB, apparently I now don't have IS so im penniless and about to become homeless also. So I realy do need this counsellor.

Sorry to moan



no , i went through a stage of not turning up , let them no how u get tired


Hi hotchocolate12,

I have done exactly that, I txted her as soon as I got my bearings, up to now she has not replied, even though she knows hope difficult it is for me, she says its an excuse, but how can it be an excuse when ive been fighting the MHT for the past 5yrs to gain access to the MHT again, she also said, could it be that you don't feel worthy of help, I suppose if im honest yes that could be spot on, it could also be that, I arrive late all the time as I cannot face leaving my safe zone, and if I leave it as late as possible someone may ring me to cancel anyway, I am very weird and so wish I boring and normal blending in and making no sounds lol.

Thank you so much for your input, the input helps just as much as ur advice/suggestion if you get my meaning. Thank you anyway x


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