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I really want to go out, but I'm so lazy!

I've been arguing with myself for the past 3 hours now - should I take my dog for a walk? I want to, as he needs the exercise, and I also want to go to burn calories, but I don't have the energy and feel my 40kg German Shepherd would pull me over easily when I'm like this! Plus, I have gaping blisters on my ankles and toes from those blasted wellies, the things I do for that pup! Marching 4 miles a time, looking as rough as the mad hatter... I hope he's satisfied with my pain!;) And not to mention the fact I have to stick to the same 4-mile route every time, if I don't do it, I don't feel satisfied I've walked him enough, and he'll cause trouble and cause the family to fall out, you could call that an OCD somewhat... I have to walk through the estate too, where PEOPLE are, I only normally go really early (around now) or late at night around 10-11 ish.

I'm not sure of myself today, haven't been for a long time, been experiencing a snap of psychosis, yanno, voices? It's becoming a regular occurrence now, thinking overboard. Entire life revolves around weight and stress, I seem to be going back in time, I am not ready to face the world now, yet when the problems started, I was. Lots of thoughts going round and round, turning into voices, some of which say one or two words when I'm trying to sleep, it's very frustrating.

I have a poorly guinea pig too, and I'm worried I will have to remove her from her 2 sisters... She damaged her leg 4 days ago, and is still limping on it, now her 'good' leg is swelling up from the extra weight, so that means a vet trip, one I don't enjoy doing!

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I'm sorry about your poor guinea pig, maybe just wait and see how she is, if not, there's not much else you could do rather than take her to the vets. I doubt one would come to the house. :P

If you anxious about going out now, maybe just wait until later when there are less people around.

I'm sorry you've been getting psychosis again, that's not good hun, but a relief that you are finally recognising that's what it is. What worried me before was that you didn't question the voices, the hallucinations, anything you were experiencing. Please let someone know and take control of it before it gets worse, it doesn't have to be so bad this time, I'm sure it doesn't. Tell the voices to shut up, question them if they think they can get the better of you.

f your OH is about you could call him and go on a romantic walk together with the pup? He could hold the lesh? Can the dog not be trusted to have the lead removed yet? When we used to go with our dog I remember some owners having long, expandable leads for their pups so they could have a good run around, but remain attached to their owner. They can be shortened or lengthened. Do they still sell them? Are there any fields near by you could take him to run around? I'll read your other blogs now, Muffin. Hope you feel better soon.((())) xxxxxx


hi, i know how you feel im like that all the time,but then i look at my dog and how much love she gives me and push myself to take her out, and when i do i feel like ive acheived something and given back to my like you i aviod crowds.good luck and keep trying .


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