Hello, I have had a letter from the DWP, after my medical with Atos, The letter says i have been placed in a Work related activity group, I don't really understand what this is , I think its saying i am fit for work and someone will help me find some ??? . I am not fit for work what should i do ? Thanks, Sorry i have posted that part before , and i did get some help , But i would just like to add that i have many illnesses and i am more or less house bound now , Should i try to apply to get in the support group? i only got the letter Yesterday so its not been to long , I forgot to say when i got the letter to go see Atos for a medical , my GP wrote to then telling them that i wasn't able to get there due to my illness and could they do a home visit which they did , I cant even get to the Job center , When the Atos Doctor came to see me and did what he had to do , He told me in his mind i would be left alone as i was no way fit for work now or in the future me very confused and upset , sorry :(


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  • have confidence in your atos doctor,u cant b made to do anything u dont wont to,when it comes to ur health and sanity however u do what keeps u feeling settled,hope that can b of help to u?

  • I say DO NOT have confidence in an ATOS doctor (usually not doctors either), sorry.

  • Was this your first encounter with ATOS? Yes, If you feel you would not be able to return to work in the forseeable future you should appeal to be placed in the ESA Support Group. Request a copy of the ATOS report of your Work Capability Assessment.

  • I've been placed in the ESA WRAG (Work Related Activity Group). I've been diagnosed with Panic Disorder with Agoraphobia and had been receiving Incapacity Benefit since 2004. I got my first re-assessment letter (ATOS) in January 2012. I told them I had to have a home visit so they asked me to provide a letter from my GP confirming this, which I did. I eventually got my home visit in October (after several cancellations by them), was put in the WRAG group, then visited the local Job Centre and was referred to a local Work Programme provider (A4E in my case). I received another letter for a re-assessment by ATOS in December 2012 while all this was going on. I filled the form in and again requested a home visit, letter from my GP again.... Crazy because I'd only just been referred to the work programme as a result of the first assessment. I didn't get a letter but was called back to the Job Centre who said they'd decided it wasn't necessary for me to have another work capability assessment........

  • The only reason that people with disabilities & health problems are being assessed is because the government just wants to save money by cutting benefits. It`s the same with sanctions on jobseekers allowance, just a money saving campaigne.

  • In my opinion the government is controlling the whole health care system and that is why GP's won't give letters.

    speak from a 18 month experience.

  • sorry clicked submit before finishing.

    You need to appeal. You have 30 days to do so. Also ask the DWP for a copy of all the decision notes including your GP letter and Atos decision notes. Lesson never ever ever trust Atos. Join Black triangle campaign and

    benefitsandwork.co.uk/forum... this is a great sight with all the up to date info they will help you x

  • Hi sorry didn't reply to your post as I should have. Message me if you want x

  • ATOS are paid to get people off benefits even if they are not fit for work, so DON'T trust you're ATOS doctor they aren't there for you they are there for the Government and Government targets to reduce costs.

    ATOS are knowingly putting ill and vulnerable people back into work...

    Keep up you're fight and don't stop until you get a result that's in you're favour they are hoping you will just give up and force yourself into work .

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