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Again today panic attack before going to family members!!!

I get on really well with my family but this keeps happening. It's really getting on my nerves and i'm sure my family think i'm making it up as an excuse not to bother with them which is not the case at all and makes the next visit even harder.

Why don't I get this at work where I am unhappy rather than seeing family where I am happy??? Very strange.

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I have the same problem I would rather avoid going


I wonder why though.

Work stresses me out, my family do not.... strange.


Don't go, why should you?


I know I don't have to but like to see them. Can't not go forever?????


I know what you mean just called at my Sons and felt dreadful same when I go out just rather not go because of the feelings but could easily not go so you are not alone. Take Care xxx


Just a thought, is it something to do with not being in control in these situations. Feeling vunterable.



I feel this with people close in general...I sometimes think it's because they don't know the real me...we don't always tell people close to us how we feel and for me it makes me feel a subconscious's pressure because it matters to us....




I never thought of that Adorable1 - I just try to get on with it and not tell people how I am feeling.

It is the vunerable feeling aswell.

Thanks again for the comments XX


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