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Thinking too much

I have been on this site a couple of weeks now. and have been given some valuable advise of other members. I have this major problem though. I always worry what other people think of me. Now when I'm o.k these feeling of paranoia are not as strong. But when i'm bad with anxiety it really effects me. people say don't worry you look normal. But when im out in public and panic i feel ridiculous and feel people think im weird and strange. just want to retreat back to my safe place, which is home. Does anybody get this. And how do you deal with it?

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Hi. I have the same feelings. It can be so very debilitating. I think we all find our own ways of coping. I do avoid social situations if I can. If I have to face others I go over it and over it before hand. That probably doesn't help, but in my mind I'm mentally preparing for any possible occurrence. Then when out. I count steps. County while breathing. I tend to not be in the front of folk . ie . hang back as an observer. Go to loo often. All these things are not helping me overcome the problem, but they get me thru the situation. I don't tend to zone out and distract myself with absolutely anything. I know this isn't giving you a way to cope. But just wanted you to know that you're not alone and this is how i deal with situations. I avoid everything if i can. Which is not practical for many. I'm lucky in a way that i have no work or family commitments and so I can just do what best for me. Take care. K . xx


i feel exactly the same as you must all be because of this anxiety condition not the real us xxx dunlin


any one know why my answers come up delete not report any advice what i do wrong


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