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Anxiety panic attacks for no apparent reason?

Hi guys

I have recently been diagnosed with anxiety and recommended this site. I have panic attacks for no apparent reason. I get them a lot before visitng family however I get on great with my family. Work is the problem and what has caused the stress however I never (yet) get them at work.

Does anyone know why this would be as I would expect it to be the other way around.

Also my doctor has prescribed Atarax which are an antihistamine however is used for treating anxiety in adults - I have not tried any yet (I hate taking medication if I do not have to)

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do u tell your family about work, or want to but don't, maybe ,this is only a scenario u r on way to family had stress at work . want to tell them but try to act like everything is ok , say nothing and panic attack kicks in. or anxiety, ive had anxiety for years and never been prescribed atarax or even herd of it . the problem is the best thing for panic/anxiety is diazepam but they are very addictive and doctors now only give them in severe cases although they gave me them for 6yrs and stopped me this causes withdrawal, that u can actually die from


Thanks for the reply.

No it's very strange, my family know I hate work and it happens more on the weekend when I have not been working.

No I had never heard of it either but doc said it's one to try that is not addictive.

No way I would rather go without but if you need them you need them.


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