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Third Time

Hi Everyone,

In my last blog post I mentioned I was going on holiday, and was feeling particularly anxious about it all.

Apart from initial worrying in the airport I was surprised at how fine I was on the plane and all through the holiday! So thanks so much for your kind comments on that post.

Since returning home I've found my anxiety has returned, I got my results back from Uni and although getting an amazing grade there's still mass amounts of worry.

Whenever I think about leaving the house I get really dizzy, nervous, sweating and sick. I went out today and lasted 15 minutes before having to return home. It's getting really frustrating now.

I have a flat viewing tomorrow which I'm so nervous for, then to top it off on Friday I have two job interviews which I can't even think about!!

I'm feeling like a lost cause at the moment, I don't know what to do anymore, I just wish it would go away.

A xxx

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That's good news , I am so pleased once you got on holiday you enjoyed it & it sounds with the pressure of you , your anxiety settled down , which with a lot of us that happens

Then we have to come back to reality & the anxiety can creep back as it seems to have with you

I am not sure , but have you had any help , counselling etc , with your anxiety , if not it would be a good idea , as we need to be able to learn how to cope when everything seems to be coming at us

You are certainly not a lost cause , no one is , this takes time , little steps ,its not a race

Take each day at a time , try not to look beyond that day while you are struggling

Well done with your exam results , that takes a lot of effort & hard work , & is certainly not some one that isn't worth while , like your anxiety is saying at the moment , be proud of your achievement :-)





Hi WhyWhy,

Thankyou for your comment.

I haven't had any counselling, my doctor did recommend it, but I'm very dubious about it, i'm not one for opening up and find it extremely difficult talking to others in person.

Thanks again,

A xxx



So glad you had the courage to open up on here, and congratulations on going on holiday and your exams.

We seem to get a few stresses altogether, but I wish you well with your interviews.

Eunice xx


Hi Eunice,

Thankyou for your kind words.

I'm feeling very stressed out about the interviews tomorrow, but I'm just thinking about the other side, and all the positivity I'll feel if I am successful.

A xxx


Well done on your exam results! That is not something someone who is a "lost cause" would achieve so be kind to yourself. You managed to go on holiday and enjoy it too so that is another huge step as that would fill me with complete terror!

Maybe counselling or CBT would be a good option, it is very hard to start with but with CBT they guide you and the conversation so it's not just down to you.

It sounds like you have alot going for you and alot to look forward to, but like WhyWhy said when you are feeling really bad just take it one day at a time.

Good luck with your interviews!




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