main anxiety symptom sickness/vomiting/nausea?

ok, so I've suffered on and off with anxiety for about 13 years, but majorly the last 5. The main symptom that gets me is SEVERE nausea quite often leading to vomiting :( not helped that I have a fear of sick anyway! This can literally come from no where! if it's a situation where I know I am anxious I can handle it, but take the other day, arranged to meet some friends for a catch up and lunch including the kids between us which I was really looking forward to, hadn't worried about it or felt anxious or anything and 15 mins before I feel extremely sick! have to sit down and take diazepam (which I have prescribed for severe attacks) this seems to be the only thing to stop the nausea (other than actually vomiting). There is honestly no warning sometimes and I wondered if anyone else has experienced this? I've tried SSRI's - 2 of which made me very sick so GP changed to Sertraline and an anti sickness tablet. eventually I weaned myself off the anti sickness but I don't feel the sertraline actually helps at all for the anxiety :( - thoughts, comments, suggestions gratefully received! I just want to live some sort of 'normal' life. Thanks


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  • Sounds like you're having a terrible time Jade. Medication obviously hasn't helped (assuming you could take the tablets), have you talked to a counsellor yet?

  • hiya, thanks for responding. I've tried CBT several times in the past and it did/does help to a point. i'm now thinking about a combination of counselling/hypnotherapy but it's fairly expensive so a bit apprehensive....

  • Hi jade sorry to hear you feel like this . I get the same I am physically sick when my anxiety comes on I also have diarrhoea with it which is not nice I take diazepam but it doesn't stop the sickness I really sympathise with you take care xx

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