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Does anyone on here suffer from anxiety and depression because they are ugly/very different looking

Does anyone on here suffer from anxiety and depression because they are ugly/very different looking (however you want to word it) and gets stared at or nasty comments when they go out in public? I can usually deal with it but it has really got me down this time as I have also recently split up with my partner and moved home so tried to commit suicide 2 weeks ago.

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Hi Em

I feel a lot of us suffering with anxiety ,can be conscious about how we look etc

I cant say I feel as strongly as you & I do wonder who these nasty people are that you seem to have had the misfortune to have come across

When we split up from someone we can straight away focus on things like is it because we are not good enough , pretty enough etc , this is normal , but it never is those reasons as they must have found us attractive in the first place to start going out with us

You are a unique individual , like each of us are & what we look like on the outside is just the shell , its whats on the inside that makes a person

I cant see you , but I can sense you are a beautiful person & no one is worth your time if they cant see this

have you been to see your GP & are you getting some help , if not , I strongly suggest you do

If you are then I would go back & tell them exactly how you are feeling

please talk on here & let people that don't judge on looks support you





Thankyou whywhy,

Yes I'm having counselling and alot of support but it's still hard because my family don't believe me that I get stared at and horrible comments made on a daily basis because I have kept it to myself and dealt with it until now and I'm 23.

I know that wouldn't make it stop but at least they would understand why I'm feeling the way I am. For example, this morning the window cleaners came and were doing my window not realizing I was still in bed (as my blinds were closed) and their conversation was "that really ugly girl lives here", "oh yeah I can remember you telling me she was a pig", "Yeah she is a proper ugly girl".

I just feel so alone with this because my family thinks I'm crazy and I have pretty much had enough I don't know how to prove to them that this stuff happens and even if I did, it wouldn't stop it from happening anyway!



Have you thought about writing down what is happening & leaving it for your parents to read

Sometimes & as a parent , i don't always listen , but if I had something on paper put infront of me then I would have to read it & it would make me listen more

I wrote to my Dad just recently after years of never been able to tell him or when I have over the years he has cut me of & i am 50 now & I couldn't believe that it had took me all these years but when he saw it in black & white he read it & gave me the best response , he has ever given me

Your parents may never fully understand & i am pleased you are getting counselling & hope this will help you to deal with your feelings

As for the window cleaners , I would have opened the window & pushed them of the flipping ladder :-o

Who are they , do they look like models i doubt it

There are some very cruel people in this world & we can do nothing about them , but what you can do is remember if they are saying such nasty comments , they are the ones that are ugly , all the way through their body

I would rather have a kind heart than look like Miss World , i think when someone special comes along & they will one day , that's what makes them love you

please keep talking , people will support you on here



Hi whywhy,

I have spoken to her now as my sister has the same window cleaners so she text them asking about the incident and they tried to deny it but it came out in the end! So my family are starting to believe me that this is a very regular occurrence for me. Sometimes I feel like I can't even walk down the street without someone staring at me or shouting out a horrible comment.

I had a breakdown yesterday and was very close to taking my life as I felt there was no escape from this cruel world but I have alot of support from my family and friends too so am too scared to leave them behind. I spoke to my nan last night and asked if I could borrow some money for a nose job as I'm also not happy with my appearance and she was great. She said she will do whatever it takes as she is so proud of me so that has helped a bit. I know I have to work on my own feelings about my self and my anxiety too.

I am going to try to attend a local support group too as at the moment I feel like I'm the only one who gets this kind of daily abuse.

Thankyou for your advice and support too.


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