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Does anyone just feel constantly exhausted when they have anxiety/panic attacks ,my counsellor says I have to stop going to bed at 8pm (not sleeping until about 11pm) as I spend to much in bed, but i have a wee toddler and work part time so by the time 9pm comes im so tired i HAVE to go to bed, the next day my anxiety is crap, headache cus i'm tired and just shattered, this ever happen anyone else

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Hello Gilly,

So what's wrong with going to bed at 8pm?I must admit I don't have to work because I am retired.However my anxiety can make me very tired and I go to bed at all times.Sometimes I don't even bother to get up.

Obviously staying in bed too much is not good for you as we all need recreation and exercise.However if you are busy with a toddler and tired I don't think 8pm is too early.


Hi gilly

I have two little ones and I work full time (I've been off sick since sept with anxiety/depression). It is really exhausting balancing both home and work. Before I went off sick I would come home, sort out tea, bath the kids, put them in bed and then I was so exhausted and fed up I went to bed but I wasn't relaxed so I couldn't nod off until midnight and then I would be exhausted, stressed and anxious the following day.

If you can try not to flop straight into bed but have a relaxing bath with a book or maybe buy a dvd 30min yoga or Pilates session or get a notebook and write down how you are feeling as it does help to get stuff out of your head. It wasn't until my doc signed me off that I realised I did nothing for me not even reading a magazine. See if you can do something that helps you to wind down. I love an ovaltine and a mag once the kids are in bed. If you don't you will just be staring at the ceiling. You need some quality sleep not hours in bed staring at the ceiling. take care love eve x


Hi Gilly,

I agree with Eve. I think it is important to get into a nice relaxing winding down routine before you go to bed. However, if you find you're dropping off on the sofa love, go to bed. I work long hours and like you find my head is exhausting by itself and sometimes I do need to sleep. My problem is if I go to sleep at 8pm I'll be awake again at midnight ready for the next day!!! Just don't lie in bed climbing the walls as that makes it all worse. If you can sleep, great but if not you need plan B.

Best Wishes,


I think 8pm is too early to go to bed,especially if you can't sleep,could you not relax with a book,watch a film,or play games on your computer,then go to bed about 11,and sleep,my theripest told me I was sleeping too much aswell,he says 7 to 8 hrs is enough,anxiety is draining,but its not that we need sleep,we need to relax,our bodies are tired,but our brains are wide awake,so we need to unwind the brain down slowly,try to empty the mind of the days events,and do something we enjoy.I call it ME time.xxxx

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