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Hi all , It has been nearly a month since my last post . Things are still not great , I still seem to be spending too much time sleeping . Went to a keep fit class it helped lift my mood . How do you stop the constant worrying and I have a huge urge to run away . I tried talking to oh but that only made me very emotional . I thought I would be feeling better by now but it doesn't seem to be lifting . Anyhow thought I would blogg

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Hi cloudy I no how you feel all I seam to be doing is sleeping all the time. I went to see my GP about it and he said its the meds I'm on so I asked if I could stop them and he just said a great big NO. I'm glad you manage to go to keep fit I have had to stop because of the tiredness which just makes my anxiety and depression go round and round . Hell I hate this. I'm sorry to rant on x


Hi it just gets me feeling guilty too , I have forced myself up today and going to go for a walk. . I have had to dig deep to do that . So sending you some strength to get up and even maybe out in the fresh air . Big positive vibes too



sleep sounds great to me.

I had about 3 hours last night.

It's good you are getting out and about.

keep trying


Oh cloudy I'm so sorry things are still tough for you... Big hugs

I couldn't talk to my o/h and the pressure built up and I wanted to run away so much it hurt. Are you sleeping properly at night? I had the opposite prob in that I couldn't sleep day or night so I switched meds. It's great that you are getting out to keep fit classes but if you don't feel improvement soon I would go back to your doc hun. It's a horrible place to be but you will get well again love eve x


Thanks everyone . I managed to get out tonight so that's good , why do we beat ourselves up , I am thinking I'm just lazy , I so want to get well and tomorrow is another day . Thanks everyone it is such a great support .


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