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A bit terrified

Woke up this morning and it's a lovely sunny day...I'm going to get a massage at 12 and then meeting friends later on and I should be in good spirits but I'm siting with the most uncomfortable feeling in my chest. I can feel stabbing pains every so often and generally I feel I just cannot get a enough breath. Days like today were the days I used to live for and now I can't even enjoy these. I've really just had enough of feeling like's just starting to wear me down :-(

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Sounds like a lovely day out

I no we feel anxious before we are going any where , I think that's normal

I hope once you are out you enjoy it , the massage sounds lovely , that should relax you

Let us no if it does





Hey whywhy

Yes the massage helped, was very very relaxed so I'm feeling a whole lot better, even booked myself in for another one next week lol.



Very nice , I bet it was lovely & really pleased you are feeling a lot better

Good for you booking yourself in for another one next week ;-)



Good for you hun don't let the anxiety win.


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