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I have been off my meds for 2 years and feeling really good and have been able to cope with all my health anxieties......then boom 6 weeks ago my anxiety is a its all time high, i'm not having a good day today, has anyone else been good for so long then it comes back, my doctor has put me on 20mg of Citlaopram, how long does that take to work? I am feeling really down today :(

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Sorry, I know nothing about the medication. But I do know about the annoyance of unpredictable highs and lows of anxiety and the damn bam effect...fine for a while, then bam and bad avoidence habits kick back in really quick and then it back to fighting the good fight every day....argggghhhh


Hi gilly

Sorry you are feeling rubbish today. I was on citalopram a few years ago and it took a couple of weeks for me to feel the full benefit. What meds were you on before and did you have any therapy or counselling. In my experience you need a combination for it to be effective long term. Has anything triggered your anxiety recently? Keep blogging there's lots of support on here. Take care love eve x

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