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So angry:-(

Sorry guys i just need a rant. No-one can make it any better but i need to get it out of my you know my ex is bound back up to the Highlands. In a lovely car that i got on finance for him, due to his financial problems. Ok this wasnt his fault, a lovely ex who screwed him over. My bank card..............but its ok as someone up there is letting him use his. He thinks its ok cos he is leaving me money, since i have helped him out. Next week is coming down with a van to collect the rest of his things................i bought him, fridge, freezer etc. Sofa i got is now going to his sisters.

Why is it that someone who got treat like shit off others, can do the same to someone else. He didnt have the balls to tell me he was leaving. Few days notice. That is so respectful towards someone that has spent over a year keeping his shit together.

Why am i feeling the pain when he doesnt care two hoots what has happened. He is going back to people who he cares about. They did nothing for his Mum when he moved down here, and she was waiting for her house to be sold. But that doesnt matter, the sun still shines out of their backsides. So now he will be enjoying his caravan by the sea and back on the life boat which seemed to be his only joy in life.

I know he is running away but that doesnt help me. I cant see him staying there once reality kicks in, but all he has done has hurt me. I know i sound woe is me but thats how i feel. I wana ring him and scream at him but what is the point.

Life does go on, but he has left such a impact on me. Blimey this is the man who i thought was the love of my life...............took 20 odd years to get back together. For What.

Probably bored you all, and i sound like i am going mad. I just cant get my head round it all. He had someone who thought the world of him, to let it go cos he felt happy somewhere, where he had lived for 3 years prior. Gone back to the job that he got peed of with. I know his Dad is buried up there, but his Mum is back down here, alive and poorly. He has just walked away.

Thanks x

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Hi Lou

Its very hard what youre going through...... even when you know in your head its the right thing,,,,, it still hurts and its crap........ Same for me,,,, and it doesnt stop the emotions, your head can say one thing but the heart says different...

You have every right to be angry after all youve done for him and he doesnt appreciate it...... but he cant see the wood for the trees, and hes running away....... you know that and he has to find out for himself...... it doesnt stop your pain or frustration though........

It will pass though, you know this too......... let out your frustrations and anger............

Alwlays here for you!!

Love Ker xx


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