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Well here it comes


Well here it comes here comes the night.

I am sure that is part of an old pop song,perhaps someone can tell me.

After my recent heart attack I have managed to go out with my wife for a ten minute walk.Unfortunately having heart failure limits my abilities but I did manage about 150 yds.

I was so weary by about 5pm that I went to bed.I have a lovely view from the bedroom window.We have a wild cherry tree in our garden that is in its full white blossom.I have watched the birds coming and going and the children playing in another garden where they have a trampoline and bouncy castle.It has been a pleasant evening.

I have also watched the night coming and now at 9.45pm it is pitch black.

As usual at this time I have chest pains.I am sweating with fear,my mouth is dry and I feel sick.

I am scared because my heart attack came in the night and I am frightened I may have another one.

I will not allow myself to sleep until dawn comes but it makes for about 8 lonely scary hours.

Tomorrow I have to go for an echogram which takes about 30 minutes and that is making me panic.

Sorry to keep on but I know some other people have "sleep fear" and it may help to realise that there are other people about keeping a nightly vigil.

I wish you all a safe and peaceful night.

Grog xxx

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