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Self help with phone consultations ?? home work for guidance any one else done this ??? advice please x

Hi all, a lot of you know my history but im a anexity sufferer. Have been all my life really but to the point of agrapobic ( cannot spell lol ) since oct last year. Now dont get me wrong i can have some panic attacks but none to speak home of in a while, my main aim is to break out of my home and live. Ive been told i can finally have help in a form of cbt but as I cannot go to group sessions thats out the window and I cannot attend the local doctors cbt clinic thats not a option, so basically the idea is the self help method, for 8 weeks i will be given a sort of selp help guide and home work I must work throught these goals and at the end of the week I will have a phone consultation with a cbt therapist. After 8 weeks The phone calles will become home visits and then to doctors and so on. Now I was wondering as this can actually take anywhere up to 6 weeks to sort have any of you done this sort of therapy? What excactly is the homework? did it help you feel less anxious? if like me did you manage to beak free? or was it a good excercise but pointless ? I would just like some general feedback so i know what to expect sorta thing :) thanks in advance :@)

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I don't know what the homework is but it sounds like a brillant thing. Good luck with it.nHope it works well for you.


thanks copdber , hopefully i wont wait to long to find out :)


Hiya Donver Good luck with the therapy. Hope you do eventually go into the world. Face to face CBT would possibly be better . But you have made a great start.

Good luck, SL :)


ty swanlinnet x im hoping i can escape soon :)


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