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Made my mind up!

Ok so been on my own since half 3 other then me kids. I've decided I'm going to my moms at nine. I'm not ready I've even got an headache now via thinking about being on my own the whole night. I don't know how people with anxiety can be on the ownb at night. Then again I've avoided it for a year. I used to stop at my moms when he had to go abroad and that. I'm getting hot and flustered, palpatations. I've tried but in a few hours I know I will be worser then I am now. I'm scared of waking up with panic. When I think of it like that it happens cuz I bring it on. I just can't seem to move my thoughts else where.

I don't feel like a failure because I know by now it takes time to get over these obsicles caused by anxiety. To of been here since half three till now I've moved forward xxx

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You have moved forward your right...and it's great you have made a decision....nice to stay at mums anyway....why be alone when you can have a sleepover :)

Enjoy your evening xx


I've never moved out my mums yet cause I'm too scared being on my own so I wouldn't worry about it x


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