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Bad day

I've felt okay recently, well not completely normal or anything but manageable. This morning I woke up feeling okay but as the day has went on I've felt worse and worse. Heart keeps fluttering and every so often I just feel really un well. I keep snapping at my mum, poor thing.

I know this may be just a set back and I'm trying to tell myself it is but just can't help feeling horrible :(

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I get nervous energy, and a bit snappy, at these times a go for a walk or do some exercise, as it seems to help, and calm my heart so that it beats regularly.




I'm out walking now funnily enough. Hopefully it helps



Hi Ashley

Hope the walk does you good and you can cope better.

Sometimes when we are having a good few days our whole mood changes and we feel better able to cope with anything life throws our way.

The moment we get a bad day or a set back can make us nervous and frustrated which then causes mood swings. I am sure you Mum understands and will support you regardless.

Hoping you have a good evening try and relax and do some breathing exercises this may help.

Take care hugs

Love Seyi xxx


I felt a bit better when I got home from my walk but just ever so often I go really warm and think this is it..panic is looming. Then I get myself all worked up. I'm soooo tired as well but everytime I lie down I think I need to sit back up. It's draining. :-( x


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