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Mirtazapine and sugar levels

Anyone on Mirtazapine and find that they often have low blood sugar levels? I'm not diabetic, but I quite often get what seems to be low blood sugar levels. I get really cold, shaky, fast heartbeat and extra anxiety. It's okay about 30mins after I have a juice drink. I eat sensibly.. every 2 hours. I've had a panic attack before because of this.. scared that I was going to faint.

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Yes, I have this and are on the same tablets, I often feel slightly sickly and faint especially when I need food. I always have some glucose tablets handy that helps. The trouble is that we are tooo self aware and worried about letting ourselves down by fainting etc, yet seldom does it happen and if it did, does anyone think worse of us. Always carry some water it helps, pause until the feeling passes and it always does. Incidently, orange juice can make one feel sick, fresh is alright but some of the others can have this effect. My doctor suggested I take 15mg in the evening and then 15mg in the morning but I find it makes me feel too sleepy in the day so have 30mg at night. .keep your chin up hugs cotonroad .


Morning I've had this feeling with and without mirtazapine. I think its down to anxiety, for years I was convinced I was diabetic but had blood tests and all is well. I always have a bottle of water with me and like you I have to eat every two hours. It happened to me last week in a town centre and a bottle of lucozade brought me back on a level. If im honest i hadnt been eating and drinking and taking care of myself for a couple of days. i don't think it's any worse on mirtazapine take care hun xx


Thank you for your replies. I was getting it too when I wasn't on Mirtazapine. One day when I wasn't on any Antidepressants, I had cereal for breakfast, then to the gym, then a few walnuts and then to town. I was very close to fainting, but a Mars bar helped. I suppose, as with everyone, if we don't eat for a while then our sugar level will drop. I'm trying to avoid white carbs (sticking with wholemeal) or foods that may cause a sugar spike and just see how things go. My anxiety has made it feel worse though.. I always make sure I eat before I go out, take snacks out, water and a sugar drink. As I'm just so scared of feeling faint or actually fainting! Though what I don't understand, is that I do eat. Reasonably sensible, but yet still happens at times. xxx


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