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No better

Hey guys not really got a great deal to say other than my mood hasn't really improved since I posted this morning. If anything it's gotten worse since I've been home from work. Tried my best because I was looking after my niece, bit didnt really work. In bed with a film now no work tomorrow. Yay a day on my own with only my head to keep me company should be fun.

Hope everyone is doing better than I am.


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What's the film will ?


And it could be worse,

You could be in my head lol, spending some time in the lovely town of doolally, just down the rocky road from foolsville lol :-)


I hope you find some sort of comfort.


watch a woman hating film.......that will help:))) when ive had a tiff with my bf i love some man hating music and a good film where the woman kicks the crap out of the bloke:)))))))


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