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Mental Health Dilemma

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Hi to everyone in the group.

Do you think medical science has done enough to find reasons & solutions for mental health disorders ?

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Congratulations on your successful schooling and career.

The answer to your question, is that they are trying really hard, but no -



Technique and medications haven’t changed much since I was diagnosed in 1975. Read interesting article in Discover magazine regarding a relatively new theory about how gut health may substantially affect mental health. Experiments are being done in (get ready) fecal implantation. It makes sense so far. Time will tell. The mental health community really needs a jump start in new treatments. Advances have been lingering way too long considering how mental illness is so out of control. The suffering is unbearable to watch.🥲

Remember your Doctor can give you medications and arrange Talking Therapy, Although when push comes to shove it is up to the sufferer to help themselves. Medications can open a window it is up to the sufferer to escape outside.

Medication and treatment of mental health is the poor relation in the UK, I would think USA is the same.


I have had to do battle for help all my life. Most of the time being my own advocate. Unending meds and therapy and grabbing life as much as I can. Given the tools to work with and the rest was always left up to me. I’ve done everything humanly possible to feel better. Being 70 years old may finally have its advantages. I agree about the US and UK.🏄‍♀️

Same age as me, I had my own mental health concerns in the 1960s and then in my mid 20s. Like you I went through many different treatments and became a Volunteer in Mental Health Day Centre as information officer. Also worked on various Think Tanks for NHS Mental Health including Health Service policy on a Voluntary Basis.. for a period.


Has aging helped in managing the illness?

I personally feel and my Wife agrees I am a great deal quieter than I used to although my short term memory is getting worse. I have Chronic Disabilities and that does not help me so I am sitting on the fence at this time. I have my interests and a picture library that I use every day, also my computer. I also like to listen to my music options.

I work in the garden when it is warm only for short periods and the two of us go for a walk with the dog in the afternoon. I am unable to do anything where thought comes into it, although working on the Laptop I can refer to my thoughts there quite easy. The memory problems have prevented me from working on Think Tanks for some time

How are you finding age and your condition. ?


When I was younger I was forced to be a functioning, social person. I am definitely not a social person. So it was problematic and stressful. Since I’ve aged and retired/disabled, I have more control over uncomfortable situations. Not required on a daily basis to interact. But aging has also presented another set of situations. Thoughts of being closer to death (which scares the bejeezus out of me) , trying not to feel cheated out of having a normal life, being marginalized due to my age and mental health problems and wishing my body could keep up with my brain. I have a lot of brain fog, and having to search for words. I can actually laugh about that,though. It’s great you have a wife. Sounds like y’all are on the same page. Have to say, I wouldn’t want to be fifty again. Enjoy the sun, sounds like you are.🏋️‍♀️

At the moment Death does not worry me at all. When you got a go you have to go. So it is all down to our lives and how we live it. To be honest I am more worried on what to expect when and if we get rid of this virus. Everything is going pear shaped at the moment, and if the USA goes for a bang the whole western world will follow and I would then prefer to go to those pearly gates. Where the global reset will not have a place to develop

At the moment my health is questionable, I have been a creaking gate for far to long. If I am called it will be a relief for those family who know me


No I don't think they have it figured out yet. Still a hit and miss. Not a hard science.


I agree with all the other comments.

We need new, better treatments.

No. Brenè Brown has done more for me than any medicine. We are a mix of chemistry and soul and emotions and physics. And bags of water 🙃 Chemicals alone is never going to do it. But the pharmaceutical industry is for profit so they aren’t interested in anything outside medicine.

Absolutely not!!! Back in the day the threw everyone into a mental institution. Now a days they just throw pills at you which usually, almost always gives you an addiction. On top of that the give you a label of craziness aka Anxiety! It’s very sad.

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