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I am new here

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Hi guys, I was recently diagnosed with bipolar disorder along with depression, anxiety and PTSD. I just wanted to come on here because I don't really have anyone I could talk to about this.

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Bipolar disorder is the only one I could properly discuss with you except that there are so many types of it. Mine only occurred many years apart and I would be more prone to highs.

Wel ome on here anyway

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When were you diagnosed? How did you feel? And thank you for the welcome!

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Sort of in 1991, when l had been allowed to come off meds l had started in1989 and had a relapse . On both of those occasions I was manic. Could not sleep. Talked fast, racing thoughtsand had big plans that couldn't be completed.

Was fine on one small tablet for 13 years until autumn 2014, then had a low followed by a high the following Spring and was properly diagnosed.

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Are you okay? Like right now? If not, I really hope you get better!

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I am perfectly fine as regards bipolar, but get misunderstood and misjudged a lot by a lot of people which makes me wary around people, l suppose it makes me socially anxious. That is sort of what brought me to this site, thanks.

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Np! I get what you mean when you say you get wary around people. I am new to navigating my life now that I am diagnosed but I am trying! I am glad that you're doing okay!

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Not sure what caused your PTSD (none of my business), but I can speak about PTSD due to rape, and physical abuse. Welcome to HealthUnlocked! You'll meet plenty of wonderful people who can (and will!) help you with whatever issues come to light. You can go at your own pace here; no one is going to force you or rush you into anything. This is a safe haven, as well as a valuable resource. I recommend staying active on the platform and using it to it's fullest! Once again, welcome! Good luck on your mental health journey, I wish you happiness and healing!

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I am trying to get more comfortable with sharing my story so for now I'll say I was sexually assaulted, which is why I have PTSD! Thank you for the kind and warm welcome! Also thank you! I wish you happiness as well!

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Welcome xxxx

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Thank you!

Hey, I have bipolar disorder, I'm 51. Welcome to the site!!!🙂

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Omg! How are you doing! And thank you!

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I was diagnosed bipolar 2 in my early 40's. I kept going in for depression until I finally confessed to some of my behavior when I want depressed but hypomanic. I didn't take it seriously because I could function at my job then. In my late 50's I became delusional. I was in hospital 3 times when I was depressed. Took to long to get stabilized and my mania got out of control. I eventually got mean and suspicious of everyone. I don't ever want to go there againTo stay safe now requires medications and therapy. I waited too long to get into therapy. I say this because she helped me work on a plan to deal with it before things get out of control again.

So.... I strongly recommend that you research what bipolar is and how others have still had success in life. You need to get information from reliable sources ie. NIH, CDC, John Hopkins, mayo clinic, to start. There's is a DBSA site that had personal stories and info. Don't make my mistake, take it seriously so you don't get sick. It is possible to get a handle on the symptoms but it requires research, therapy, psychiatrist, and recognizing symptoms. Sadly, it also means a lifetime of meds but it is better than hurting the ones I love

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Omg! Are you okay? I hope you are. And thanks for the advice! I surely do appreciate it!

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Welcome! The people on this site have helped me get through some very sad and lonely times and they’ll help you too 🙂

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I really hope so! I am glad it helped you! And thanks for the welcome!

Aww! Thank you so much!!

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I am doing wall now. I have to adjust meds at times due to symptoms. The key, knowledge and support. I am still learning. As a retired nurse, I love to learn more. I am taking free internet classes on Coursera which occupies my mind, I am building a puzzle to focus on that and not be in my head ruminating.You can do it also.

Awesome! I’m glad that you’re doing well! How are the classes going? And a puzzle? Like an actual physical puzzle?

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I love taking classes. I am taking " science of happiness" and "psychology." There's no testing, no grades when you audit the class but that took the pressure off. You can go at your own pace. Problem is, I found another site and I now have 4 classes going. Not like I'm impulsive or anything(bipolar joke). But I'm not sweating it. It distracted me, keeps me from ruminating all eve. I was meant to care for people, but I'm on disability now due to neck problems so I can't work. So I care for my 1 yr old granddaughter so it feels like I'm helping still. I look at her and remember I don't want to go in the rabbit hole again or I won't be able to care for her. That helps keep from getting off my meds to try to get the joy of mania. It's easy to forget the destructive side of itOh wow, way to long. Probably more than you want to know

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I’m sorry to hear about your disability! I’m glad you found something that keeps you occupied and I’m glad you have your granddaughter! Also it’s okay, I enjoy reading replies! It makes me feel more connected if that makes sense!

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Welcome! This is a great place to ask questions and feel like you're not alone.

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Thank you so much!

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Hi there, For years I have been dealing and suffering from depression, then after that ptsd, and was just recently diagnosed with bipolar depression. It made me feel better to know that I'm not crazy because of so many deep and prolonged lows, And now I just got on medication that helps the bipolar 2 months ago. I'm 56 years old and on disability due to rheumatoid arthritis and depression. I hope this helps encourage you that you are not alone. Just make sure to take care of yourself.

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Thank you for the welcome! I am glad that you felt better! I know when I came on here, I felt better. It's a great place to vent and get opinions as well. How are you feeling now? And thank you for making me feel less alone! I appreciate it!

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I'm still waiting for the lamotrigine (lamictal) to kick in as my dosage was raised just last week. The week before I stayed in bed all week feeling depressed and crying a lot until I called my psychiatrist and therapist and said "What's wrong with me!" It was good to be heard and understood, and thus the dose increase. I probably had bipolar for much, much longer but was never given the specific diagnosis.

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I am sorry to hear about that! I was previously prescribed lamotrigine for my bipolar disorder by the first psychiatrist I saw, but I saw another psychiatrist and they diagnosed me with the same thing and even more stuff and prescribed me Abilify (I didn't start taking the lamotrigine, I actually was supposed to pick it up that same day I saw the second psychiatrist but since she prescribed me Abilify, she told me to not take the lamotrigine). So I am picking up my meds today. I really hope upping your dosage help you! I am also really glad that they got you a diagnosis!

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