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So I have covid

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Been 9 day's n I feel horrible and depressed today

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Hi Vannessa, I'm so sorry you are ill from Covid. Please take good careof yourself. I hope this passes soon as you start to feel better. :) xx

Thankyou 😣❤️

Hi, V. I caught covid over a year ago. Unless you start getting worse, hydrate, tylenol, rest/sleep as much as your body tells you. The depression should lift when you start feeling better which should be soon.🤞Don’t wait to go to the docs if you start to feel worse. ❤️🏄‍♀️

How long did it take you 😞

Don’t go by my timeline…’re younger than me and probably basically healthier. I’m still recovering. Don’t worry. Use that energy to get better. ❤️

You have covid still ma 😞

It’s ok. I’m much better and you will be, too. Your recovery will be much quicker than mine, I’m sure.

Well I'm glad you're doing good that's really good ❤️❤️❤️n I pray thank you 🥺💕


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Bifield34 in reply to Isinatra

Get a test first and self isolate, please don't just rock up to the surgery and risk spreading in your local community.

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Isinatra in reply to Bifield34

Hi Bifield. Were you directing your reply to me? I’m a done deal. If you were replying to V, sounds like she’s already had a test? Have you had covid? I’m trying to help keep her spirits up without dwelling on what might take her to see a doc. If she feels worse, in order for her to receive the care she might need to further recover, I’m not going to advocate that she denies herself that. And it sounds like she’s isolated whether or not she wants to be. She can both keep herself and others safe while seeking additional medical care if need be.

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Bifield34 in reply to Isinatra

I wasn't trying to upset anyone and apologise if I have. If you have a contractable disease, call the GP first and take their advice. It may be they have a room to quarantine her. That's all I meant

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Isinatra in reply to Bifield34

No problem, friend. 😁

A day at a time Vanessa. You will come through this with flying colors.🙂

Thankyou ❤️

Hi Vannessaedillo,

Sorry to hear that you have Covid-19..

Keep will soon be over.

Big hugs xx

Thankyou I am ❤️🙏

Do you have the vaccine or did you get vaccinated? I want to get it but im to scared too :(

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Blueruth in reply to nicky602279

Does it help to know that millions have gotten it and are okay? Some ridiculously low number had problems. And that 97% of cases in the hospital are unvaccinated? And that delta is more contagious and more dangerous including to young people? And the science is not new, the process was new. It will probably be fully approved in September. Also long haulers can now apply for disability. That is scary to me. I don’t want to go the rest of my life as a long hauler.

Nicky, weather Vannessa was vaccinated or not doesn't matter now. For yourself, I would suggest you get it. I read an article that suggests that a large number of people now in hospital are those who have not been vaccinated. There are even some terrible stories of people being put on ventilators, begging for the vaccine only to be told by doctors and nurses that it's simply too late.

Your going to have a different experience with your vaccine to everyone else, so you shouldn't listen to stories. Don't even base how you react to your first vaccine, to how your second will go. Some people I know were poorly on one and fine on the other. I personally got a sore arm on both occasions, and felt a little off colour for the second. Still didn't miss a day of work.Someone who has the vaccine can still catch it, and they can still pass it on. But we've already seen a vast reduction in transmission as a result of it. I also don't know anyone at my work (which has a few thousand people) who had long term adverse reactions to the vaccine.

I do know of one colleague, who, before she was able to get her vaccine, caught Covid from a person who was not being careful, and as a result was denied the chance to say goodbye to a family member who was terminally ill.

I know it seems scary to get the vaccine, but all in all, for me the more stressful part of the vaccine, was having to travel to the location. I talked my way through the pin prick of the needle and once that was done I waited for the 15 minutes and left . We need to get the vaccine to protect the people who can't.

Nicky, there are lots of rumours going around but the safest thing to do is get the jab. The side effects are nowhere near as bad as getting Covid and protects from long Covid as well.

I have had both of mine and am fine. The more people that don't have the jab more people will be at risk, it is for you and your community you are keeping safe.

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Blueruth in reply to nicky602279

Let me just add that the new potential misinformation (partially thanks to CDC delaying their report) is that vaccinated people have breakthroughs and now people are scared. Breakthroughs are normal. Here are the facts: the vaccine works like a bug trap. It gets into the trap, the vaccine fights it but it could take a couple days. Then it wins. In the meantime it can live in your nose and mouth which means a vaccinated person can spread it to an unvaccinated person. If you are tested you might test positive but your symptoms are more like a cold. The risk with delta and vaccinated people is to immune compromised people. So that is why they are reversing mask mandates and requiring vaccines or testing in fed facilities. If you are vaccinated you are still way way safer than not being vaccinated.

No I'm not vaccinated 😫but covid for me it not that bad I been worse stuff In my life this is nothing it just takes forever to get over 😫

oh gosh,so sorry to hear this,and can understand it brings depression.sending healing prayers.x

Hi Vannessa, I hope you start to feel better soon. Take it easy but also try and do things that focus your thoughts on something else. At nine days, hopefully you've already had the worst it's going to throw at you and you will start to heal both mind and body.

Thank you 😊

Hello Vannessa,

I am sooo sorry to hear that you’ve contracted Covid. I pray that you beat it and soon. In the meantime, try to stay positive and take Tylenol. I hear it helps. Also, don’t hesitate to go to the ER if your symptoms worsen.

Best Wishes,



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Bifield34 in reply to Antwaun

Don't go to ED, ring first. If you go there, you are putting vulnerable people at risk.

Did u have any jabs before getting covid? Also if u have no underlying health issues then u should make a good recovery & of course get the vaccine as soon as . Then u know ur body has the help to battle it.

It could be like the flu , where the vulnerable here get a yearly jab & I personally think covid is something that's with us forever.

Please get well & very soon .

Hi Vannessa. Sorry to hear you have Covid-19. It's rotten this pandemic and I feel for you.

Have you had the 2 doses of vaccines? If you have, even though it won't stop you getting Coronavirus, I think it stops the symptoms being so bad and certainly reduces hospitalisation for the majority.

Stay safe, keep warm and well fed.


No I'm not vaccinated but I feel like I'm getting better just coughs and lil colds n headaches but it nun I can't handle

Sorry that you are really have all these issues. I have read some of your posts and I know somebody that is going thru something like you are. It isn't doing very well for them either. So sorry to hear of your state of health.

Thankyou means alot I been through alot in my life if I fought through that I can through this ❤️🙌


I like to wrap up in a warm blanket and sweat for a couple hours.I believe the heat kills the viruses.

I'm not giving medical advice. This is just what works for me.

I believe that also

Oh dear . So sorry youve got Covid Hope you recover ASAP . Did you get your vaccinations ?

Sadly no I didn't get it

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