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Help please

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Hi, I’m having an anxiety attack. I can’t live on my VA check alone; I have to go back to work. I’m feeling paranoid. Sort of manic, but I took a homeopathic/ over the counter med called Kratom (I threw it all out/ it’s legal in Texas). I have a job interview at 2- it’s working at a psychiatric hospital for ages 4-17. I feel like a bad/ incompetent person for suffering with depression and anxiety/ applying for disability. I think it’s just anxiety about going back to work. I’m prescribed seroquel for sleep and low dose Ativan for anxiety. Taking a deep breath. Anxiety can make you feel paranoid. Thanks!!!

2 Replies
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It’s anxiety. More calm. Have a great day!

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propjock in reply to ElephantsHear

I'm glad you're doing better. How did the interview go?

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