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Any help would be greatly appreciated

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A hell of a lot of stress and depression happing..for yrs...I'm 77 living alone in 2018 I lost my precious little pet dog she was 18yrs old it hit me really hard.,she was my constant companion.

Then in 2019 I lost my beloved youngest son,this tore my heart out,my daughter in law never told me until almost 48hours after he was taken to hospital and put on life support,We live in different states and I could not get a flight to Melbourne from Sydney in time to say farewell before they turned off his life support...

At his funeral I was ignored and during the service I was reffered to as Dianne not as my boys mother..His father my ex was mentioned as a wonderful man..Yet he walked out on me and his 2 sons when my youngest was 10mths old,never helping in rearing them in any way and never seeing them..until they were both grown men..

I can't get over the hurt and heartache of never being given the chance to kiss my boy goodbye and telling him how much I Love him..

I have been so depressed my BP has dropped to 90/55 I'm am getting bad chest pains and shoulder pains,my doctor has recommended An excersize stress test and has took me off my prevjous BP medication to try and raise my BP back to normal, I just feel like giving up I can't seen to escape all the continual hurt I'm feeling.

Anyone out there that can give me some advice


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Ouch. I had tears in my eyes reading your post. This is awful and no wonder you are so devastated, anyone would be. I am so sorry your daughter-in-law treated you like this. Even if she thought there was cause you don't do this sort of thing at your sons funeral. She sounds awful and very toxic.

I am sure your son did love you even though you never got a last chance to be with him before he passed.

I can't really give you any advice except to say lean on family and friends for support. I am sorry about your dog too. Maybe you could adopt an older dog needing a good home? I won't suggest a puppy coz they are very hard work but maybe another pet.

I love dogs but only have ever had cats as they are my passion. However I decided because I am getting on that my current cat will be my last. I would hate him to outlive me bearing in mind cats can live to around 20. Sending you hugs.

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Mam you did great job. Dont worry and dont be self pitiful. You can enjoy company of other people.

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I can't give you advice but I can offer you sincere support. to me the way you have been treated seem desperately unfair. Not to be able to properly say goodbye stays with you. Your post has brought back memories. When my mother died very suddenly of a heart attack when I was 13 my sister stopped me from kissing her forehead before the coffin was closed. She said I was only a child. I know she was trying to protect me, thought I would be scared, but the lack of closure has never left me, I'm now 55. Totally different scenario, i know but on that aspect I can certainly see what pain it must have caused you.

The loss of a devoted pet too is severely traumatic. I dread to think how I will feel when I will inevitably lose my beloved dog Rosie. I have found posting here and the great support I have received on here has greatly helped with hurt I felt during the past year

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So sorry you have gone through all this, no wonder you feel like you do. Have you got yourself another pet at all? Cat or dog? I find the love animals give to be brilliant and their company is always special. I am usually around on here though I live in the UK so speak out if feeling bad we are always here xxx

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Dear friend my heart go out to you. You are in such a hard place of your life. You have experienced so much hurts and living alone is very hard too. I do understand, I'm there too. It never too late to find happiness for yourself, reach out go to places that you find peer supports and people like mind to connect with. Experiences losses can be tough. Hope you can find grief support group to sort though all your loses and mistreatment from your daughter in law. Praying help a lot too. Keep reach out we care:)

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