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Anxiety again

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Going another round with anxiety again. Woke me up last night. It’s so frustrating! I feel like a tight rubber band about ready to split. I have Gad and dysthymia which sometimes erupts into more serious bouts. I’m in therapy trying to work through it and have learned a lot about myself but I still sometimes regress to the black hole. Covid isolation doesn’t help either. How do you all handle these lapses in progress.?

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I have MDD and GAD as well and I totally understand my panic attacks are usually turned into night terrors and I wake up in sweat but I also have some medication I can pop if things get really bad. I am learning as well and recently when I have awakened in a state of panic I have my headphones by my phone and I'll put on nature sounds and sit up and focus on the breathing and the air entering my nostrils with my eyes closed. And trying to recognize my thoughts as only thoughts all the while focusing on my breathe. I know it takes a while and this is a lengthy safety net but it helps me ground myself in the now. Also you could keep a journal by your bed and just write the first things that come to mind. In my experience it all brings me physical pain and I just want it all to stop but I try to remind myself there is a finish line for pain. It will subside but trust me I feel stupid writing this because I know tonight I'll probably panic or sometime in the day and I will forget all this advice lol. I hope this helps.

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I meditate too and keep a diary like you. I do breathing to see if it’s enough before resorting to my meds but sometimes I need something extra. My diary has helped me understand myself and my past better but it’s a struggle every day.

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Tidus in reply to Gillyflower18

I am struggling everyday too so you aren't alone. Keep fighting to make headway


keep writing in your diary, it might help to get 20 diary's that is what i do mostly and i get anxiety 100% everyday and it does not get easy, but i would try to write about your feelings and your sytems as well... you know...

I know how difficult this can be. Hang in there. We can get through this together 🌷

Good afternoon Gillyflower18,I remember years and years ago back when I was a young teenage girl. I was always having seizures. And in my mind, as I was in the middle of having seizures there I was always falling spiraling down face-first into the big black hole. Nothing there but vast blackness. It always scared me to death. I knew I had to figure something out to help me get over that fear! I prayed and I prayed for God to help me figure something out. I had a bible and I started reading 5 chapters of Psalms and1 chapter of Proverbs a day. (In one month you will have read all of Psalms and Proverbs). Anyway, I came up with an idea! I needed to figure out a way to be aware of what my triggers were and how much time I had before I went into that seizure. After I did that, then I asked God to help me find a way to overcome that fear. I kept praying and reading in Psalms and Proverbs, one day it dawned on me. A song, something very simple and easy to easy sing. I came up with a little childhood song that I had learned in Sunday School - Jesus Loves Me. I only sang the first sentence of it over and over. "Jesus Loves Me this I know for the bible tells me so." Each time I would have a seizure, I would sing that song inside my mind and I started to notice that my fear started to turn to peace. I still had the seizures back then and into my adulthood, but I just take that little song and sing it when I have some kind of anxiety or fear. I will pray for you

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priya_144 in reply to JkBauer

that's soo brave of you. great job at controlling your triggers 😊

Anxiety really does make you feel like a rubber band, stretching your mental capacity to its limits and testing your mental and physical endurance. I am actually sorry to see that you have to brave dysthymia too along with your anxiety; can't even begin to imagine how that would make you feel like. I hope the advice that I received can work for you for your mental health issues. I have been using these Indica strains ( to treat my anxiety disorder and I am actually pretty satisfied with how improved my mental health has been after its use.

Thank you for sharing it is so helpful.

Thank you so much. I’ll look into it!

So i'm waking up 3 times a night then my body is so weak arms legs tired all ova My eyelids droop & my fingers have curl inwards could all this be down to anxiety ?

Are you taking any medication? I am asking this because this is what saved me from anxiety two years ago. I generally I thought I was going to die. My husband took me to my psychiatrist, who said that I was having social anxiety ( and panic attacks. I’m still not sure where they were coming from. But I’m not going to forget that feeling soon. I had nightmares and panic attacks, and all sorts of horrible ideas that would hunt me during the nights. If you feel that bad, then just take some pills. It’s not like you’re going to become dependent.

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