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How can I handle my depression without meds or does Anyone have suggestions for meds that don’t have excess SerAtonin? Worried about relapse


Has anyone suffered from SerAtonin Syndrome? Recently as part of my sobriety I started counseling to begin properly addressing why I am an addict. My dr prescribed me multiple medications for depression and they really helped! Until I ended up in the er and then hospitalized for over a week because of SerAtonin syndrome. I’m home now, but they took me off my meds and my depression and anxiety are out of control. I can’t sleep, I’m anxious, I don’t want to be around anyone or do anything other than watch tv. How do you get your depression and anxiety under control without meds? I am terrified to end up back in the hospital, but I don’t think I can maintain my sobriety feeling the way I do. Any advice I would greatly appreciate!

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CatsamazeADAA Volunteer

Hi Shay. Seratonin Syndrome is extremely dangerous. So glad you are recovering. You can’t afford to get it again. Great that you are in counseling...keep that up! The other positive here is that you respond well to medication. Many of us cannot say that. But it’s up to docs to avoid mixing meds in a way that makes the syndrome possible. The depression sucks. But hang in there until you can start the meds again. Did they give you a timeframe for that?

So very sorry. Serotonin Syndrome is super scary, even mild forms of it are horrible to experience.

Work with your doctor on other therapies. I won’t suggest medications that may be appropriate for you as we aren’t doctors, but there are a couple that leave serotonin intact and work on other neurotransmitters.

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