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New to this.

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I'm new here and anywhere else. Never have I though I needed a support group. I've always thought I'm strong and emotionally stable. But after getting into a serious long-term relationship, it seems I just keep noticing my character flaws and becoming so emotional. How do I cope with emotional stress and anxiety?

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Hi and welcome to a supportive community!

Tell us more. Is the anxiety completely new??

Welcome to the community. I can understand I also never thought that I would need a support community. But remember being strong doesn't mean unbreakable. It doesn't mean you are weak if you feel emotional. We are human , we can't just stop ourselves from feeling emotional. Don't ignore your emotions or it will get hard to handle them on your own. You can maintain a diary or can talk to your friend , family or anybody and even post here, we all are here to support you. Please don't feel alone in your journey.

Hello, I think that it deciding to join a support group is a sign of strength. At first, I was opposed to sharing my struggles or anything like that with a group of people. I guess what helps about this is that I can keep certain things private about my identity and it isn’t a face to face interaction. I haven’t been here long but I already feel better knowing that I have a place to turn to.

It is always good to know that we can be here for each other. It is a lonely existence having depression and anxiety and great to share our experiences on here.

I signed up for a waiting list today to see a counselor. I'm having so much sadness and anxiety about my relationship with my S.O. I'm seriously afraid all these negative emotions will eventually lead to depression and I don't want to get to that point. I've seen my mom like that and it's scary. I know that my partner cares about me but whenever we get into huge fights, I feel so much separation anxiety and instead of speaking up for myself and instead of advocating for myself, I always cave in and ask for forgiveness in order to quickly get over the feelings of sadness and fear, constantly longing to have the reconnection. I don't know what to do anymore. I seem to keep making mistakes and despite my constant apologies, none of them ever get accepted. No official "I forgive you" is ever uttered. I don't think i ever get forgiveness as he always says there is nothing he can get from apologies and whenever we fight he brings up past fights again instead of focusing on the current one. I feel so pathetic coz I'm bawling while typing all these lol

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First off, you're not pathetic. You're hurt and are showing a very human reaction to hurting.

Secondly, I'm glad that you're going to see someome! That is really good! That does not show weakness either. You are taking care of yourself and you should be proud of that! I hope it isn't a long list.

Thirdly, you say your partner cares for you and that's great! Does this mean that you are able to talk to him about your feelings (am asking)? You need to be able to process all these negative emotions. People have different ways of doing this. You know what I believe leads to depression? Keeping your emotions bottled up in one way or another. This could be because you've been taught to keep them hidden or this could be because you don't know how to get them out. This is one of the many benefits you'll get out of therapy.

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I'm bad at expressing my emotions in words at the moment when we're having the talk. I think that frustrates him because he would pour out whatever is bothering him and I dont have much to say then. What's worse is I'd be crying already. It takes me like a day to process my thoughts and emotions and then I send him a long text. It's such a bad thing I know. Writing this now, I can see why he has stopped responding to those messages 😐 why am I so bad at managing my own emotions? I'm exhausted and I'm sure he is too

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I express myself better in writing too, I cry very easily and girl, if you want I can direct you to some members on here who can attest to my processing time (that is, if they've come down off the wall yet). Meant to be a bit lighthearted.

We should start a club. Title: "Can't process emotions? Come join us!"

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we should. lets start one haha. Thanks so much. It feels really good to know I'm not the only one.

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Oh good, I got a laugh :)

You're welcome! It feels good for me to know that I'm not alone as well.

Welcome buryjane00 and anyone can feel hurt it doesn't mean you are not strong and asking or looking for help is being strong.

Thank you so much for the kind welcome everyone

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